Anyone who has shopped for muscle-gaining or weight loss provoking supplements knows that there is a ridiculous amount of products on the market to pick from. There are so many, in fact, that it has made most of us into skeptics.



Don't let yourself be fooled, as TestoRIPPED really does follow through with its promises. Sorry Ladies, this ones not for you, but gents, lets rile together and achieve incredible strength, lean muscle, energy gain and fat loss!

We've all heard the story about the guy who was overweight, over-fed, lazy and completely depressed who turns his life around and really devotes time into getting in shape and feeling good just to get back into the same old routines and let the weight jump right back on.

We've all heard it, but I've lived it. I was that guy who couldn't wait to get home to turn on the game and open up a bag of chips and sulk into my chair.

While browsing the aisles at the grocery store one day, ready to grab my next load of chips no doubt, I wandered down the magazine aisle and picked up a magazine devoted entirely to promoting men's health and began to flip through the pages. One page caught my eye and please keep in mind that I am a straight male when I say that this page was the perfect example of a well toned male torso, and I wanted that.

So, throwing the magazine in my basket and flying past the chip aisle without a second glance, I ordered the product and anxiously awaited its arrival. As I waited for the product, I got a membership at the gym just around the corner from my house and began working actively with a trainer. Once my shipment arrived, I broke into my pretty blue bottle straight away and couldn't wait to get started!

Just a month later and the pounds were melting away. My trainer was ecstatic at the progress I was making and urged me to keep doing what I was doing.

The energy I was feeling was insane and it seems like I couldn't wait to workout every time I got the opportunity. My body was improving in ways I never thought imaginable. I kept going and nearly a year later I am almost to that picture perfect torso that I envied not so long ago. I owe it all to TestoRIPPED for getting me there!

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