I gained 48 pounds in two years. It made me feel sad, angry, depressed, and hopeless. I know plenty about diet, exercise, and nutrition. Unfortunately, I was having a problem with willpower. Every time I started on a diet in the last 24 months, I started out strong. I would lose several pounds during the first week. However, I would quickly regain the weight as I lost my resolve.


About two months ago, I heard about this fat burner called NUTREX LIPO-6 PRO-NATURAL. At first, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to try a fat burning product. I was afraid of spending money and failing to achieve results. I am so glad that I decided to give it a go. I bought a bottle on a Friday night and looked at it all weekend. I did some research on the safety and effectiveness on the product. By Monday morning, I was satisfied and ready to try it.

I like the way it suppresses my appetite, so I actually forget to eat! I follow a simple nutritious meal plan with plenty of fruits and vegetables at regular intervals. For the first time in my life, I feel satisfied for hours after a meal.

Another positive effect of the product is that it gives my energy level a boost. Instead of sitting on the couch watching television, I actually desire physical activity. I work in the garden, clean the house, and play with the kids without feeling sluggish or tired. This is something I always wanted.

After one week on the product, I had already lost 3.5 pounds. I was excited, but unsure whether the results would continue. I am thrilled to say that the weight loss was continuous so I never hit a plateau. The best thing is that quick results motivated me to keep going. For the first time, I actually feel like I can see the finish line. I lost nearly 25 pounds in just under two months. I have 100% confidence that I will lose the remaining 23 pounds within the next few months.

Unlike many other fat burners on the market today, NUTREX LIPO-6 PRO-NATURAL has natural plant-based ingredients. I prefer to use products that contain primarily natural ingredients as opposed to man-made ones. I know that I will continue to use this product to meet my weight loss goals. I am happy that I found it.

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