NuPhedrine – no jitters just weight loss

If you're trying to lose weight then you've heard about all of the lose quick schemes. With so many products, diets, pills and solutions on the market, it can make anyone's head spin.



Most of us need help to eat sensibly, get the motivation to exercise and instigate the change in lifestyle for long term health and weight loss. There are so many supplements alone that it's hard to figure out which ones actually work safely without negative side effects.

NuPhedrine, a weight loss supplement now on the market is the only one that has a unique blend of AdvantraZ, certified 20X South African Hoodia and Slimaluma.

AdvantraZ has been called a 'safe ephedra' because it boosts metabolism as well as ephedra but without the negative side effects such as increased heart rate. AdvantraZ, the only patented weight loss supplement in America, comes in different strengths but is used in NuPhedrine in it's highest strength.

NuPhedrine also contains two powerful appetite suppressants, 20X South African Hoodia and Slimaluna. I appreciate that every box of NuPhedrine comes with a certification that the Hoodia is the real thing so that you know it really comes from South Africa and is guaranteed it's potency.

It also contains Slimaluna, an ingredient that sends a message to the hypothalmus, telling your body that you are full after you start eating, which prevents you from overeating when you have a meal. If you are like me, portion control is a problem and this is the perfect solution.

There are no other stimulants in NuPhedrine. No caffeine, no taurine, no ginseng.

This supplement increases metabolism and stimulates a 'full' response which allows you to eat less, burn fat and calories faster and gain energy. I don't mean the 'energy' that comes with other products that are full of stimulants. There isn't a 'crash', there are no jitters or sleeplessness, just a feeling of increased motivation. A healthy energy that comes with increased metabolism. This increase in metabolism and fat burn, even when you are resting, is exactly what you are looking for in a supplement.

As with any weight loss effort or supplement, talk to your doctor about any health issues, including pregnancy, before taking it. With a sensible diet and exercise this is the only product that really does what it promises. It helps you lose weight, burn fat and suppress appetite.

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