What Is Apidexin?

There are many fat burner products available now a days. You may be wondering which to use and what the differences are. One such product is Apidexin and here is some information about what it does, how it works, and what it consists of.



Apidexin is an extreme fat burning product. You can lose 4-7 pounds per week. There is an exercise regiment to go with the supplement and they do need to be used together to work effectively. Each bottle lasts 30 days and this is a Kosher product as well. Only one capsule a day before breakfast is needed while on the fat burning plan.

It is composed of 8 key ingredients that are patent pending. These are:

-Fucoxanthin: A seaweed from Japan that is believed to be some of the first marine vegetation and has been around for over a billion years. Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid and it is believed to help reduce abdominal fat. These thermogenic properties are believed to increase metabolism.

-Razberi-K: Or also known as 4-hydroxphenyl, which is a butan-2-1 and helps with body fat reduction.

-Guggul EZ 100: These help you maintain normal blood lipid levels, reduces blemishes, and improves thyroid function, which means increasing fat loss.

-Thermodiamine: Also known as Evodiamine, is a quinozole alkaloid. It comes from the fruit Evodia Rutaecarpa. Studies have shown that this helps decrease body weight, perirenal fat, and epididymal fat. It also helps to increase fat burning activities, increases peripheral heat loss while still maintaining your core body temperature.

-Forslean: This increases lean muscle tissue and improves the chances of long term fat loss. Forslean comes from Forskohlii which is found in the Coleus plant in the Asian mountains. Coleus has been shown to relax muscles, improve thyroid function, inhibits histamine release, and increases fat burning as well.

-Lipolide-SC: Also increases fat burning through AMP. Which is cyclic adenosine monophosphate and it helps to bind the protein kinase. AMP helps to release fatty acids and increases the bodies energy levels as well.

-Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate: Combines caffeine and malic acid into a compound that optimizes energy, stimulates thermogenisis, and increases your mental focus.

-Bioperine: Helps your bodies absorption rate of other key nutrients. It comes from black pepper fruits that grow in India and are hand harvested.

No matter which fat burning product you choose, this should help your decision a bit.

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